Exciting news! dbHarbor is almost there.

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It’s almost 10 months from the start of developing dbHarbor. Slowly we are getting to the point, where we want to be with dbHarbor. Almost all the features that we planned for the first version are complete and the next beta test starting soon.

We are really proud of the quality and amount of features we have done in these 10 months. dbHarbor: SQLite looks right home on the macOS, where every UI element was long polished. It still lacks some features, but this is only beginning. We have a huge backlog and will keep developing and releasing all the planned features in 2-4 weeks cycle.

In the last weeks, we completely revised the way of communication between the app and the user. A new console system, that looks similar to XCode output console, is used to log almost every operation and their result to be more transparent.

dbHarbor - Log Console
dbHarbor – Log Output

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